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Sep 24, 2012 8:30pm EDT
trafficking and the movement of weapons across the u.s.-mexico border. this is about an hour. >> to have the president of mexico felipe cow roane -- calderone. this meeting is on the record and it is being communicated by videoconference so we beg you, turn off all of your wireless devices, phones, blackberrys, not to vibrate, but off. it's the maximum time of the conversation with the president. my introduction will be an diplomatically short. if you have the president's resume if your papers that were given to you as you entered the hall. let me simply say that president calderone, the yondah stuff five boies earned a bachelor's degree in the law and economics, and master's degree in public administration at the john kennedy school at harvard university. he became, a supporter of the party for the national action party becoming the president of the youthful organization and in the late 90's he became its president. before the 2006 election as president of mexico he served as a deputy in mexico's federal chamber of deputies and of the secretary of energy. and he will leave office in dec
Sep 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
was broke, european and on drugs. i was in mexico city where i have been lucky enough to go under a book contract from new york. i got an advance from a new york publisher to write a book. it was a dream come true and in mexico city by november 1997, i had crossed the deadline and i didn't have a word written. and i was broke and i called the only friend that i could count on at that point because my lifestyle had led me to destroy a lot of personal relationships. i called my friend tommy performance artist that i've met through the solidarity network. politics back in the 1980s. and i said, [speaking in spanish] and she happened to be living at joshua cheney at that particular time. there's a whole set of circumstances that led her fascists in the tropics of central america. how did she wind up in the desert? everybody has a story of how they got there. she said will take care of you. we'll give you a place to live and shortly thereafter i arrived in the desert. one of the first things that i saw when i rented my little shack next to a sign that said services 100 miles, the town of twen
Sep 15, 2012 1:00pm EDT
particular circumstances in the winter of 1997 when i was broke, broke and and on drugs. i was in mexico city, where i had been lucky enough to go under a book contract from new york. i got it to us from new york publisher to write a book which was a dream come true. and in mexico city by 1997 i had crossed the deadline and didn't have a word written and i was roque. i called the only friend i could count on at that point because i lifestyle had led to destroy a lot of personal relationships. i called my friend come a performance artistho are met through the solidarity network. art and politics back in the 1980s. and i said, eddie, [speaking in spanish] she happened to be living under joshua t., california at that particular time. as a whole set of circumstances that led her -- she's from the tropics of central america. how did she wind up in the desert? everybody has a story in the desert about how they got there. she said [speaking in spanish] will take care of you. we'll give you a priest he lives. i arrived in the desert in one of the first things i saw when i rented my little shack out i
Sep 9, 2012 6:45am EDT
. but the problem is out of 2500 wells that they -- weapons that they allowed to go into mexico and into the hands of the same cartels who we recently saw dumping those headless, feetless, handless bodies of women and men on the sides of the roads in mexico, um, out of 2500 guns there were only two tracking devices in them, one of which was a radio shack homemade version of a device. so that doesn't sound like a very serious tracing program, in my opinion. um, and i'd like to remind president obama that successful drug cartels didn't end up slaughtering hundreds of people in mexico, and two of our federal agents, they didn't get there on their own, in the words of president obama. they got there by his justice department handing them guns. and we've heard over and over again from the media that this was a botched program, that this was somehow a mistake of a program that, you know, thousands of guns accidentally and somehow fell into the wrong hands. but if you look at all the testimony and you look at all the documentation, the word "botched," and this being a mistake couldn't be further from the
Sep 24, 2012 8:30am EDT
is at the council and foreign relations this morning and he will be talking about u.s.-mexico relations and his global standard his term comes to an and in the suburb. the mexican president is being introduced right now. >> the party for national action party, early on. becoming the president of the youth organization in the late '90s, he became its president. and before the 2006 elections, as president of mexico he has served as a deputy and mexico's federal chamber of deputies and as secretary of energy. he will leave office in december, remembered as the president who built the most universities, 96. the 16,000 kilometers of highways, bridges that connects mexico's two coasts, providing faster access, therefore, more efficient trade, and the passage of the first employment act, which provides incentives for companies to our people just entering the workforce. he also faced the daunting challenge of the violence spawned by the drug cartel that left 50,000 people dead. a poll taken just this past august showed his approval rating above 64%. we are so honored to have the president of mexico her
Sep 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
when i was broken and on drugs. i was in mexico city where i was lucky enough to go under a book contract from the york. i got an advance to write a book. a dream come true in mexico city by november 1997 i had crossed the deadline without one word written per car was broke. i called the only friend i could count on the canvas i had destroyed a lot of relationships and species begin spanish she happened it to be living in joshua tree california. there are circumstances that led her from the tropics of central america prodigy and up in the desert she said we will take care of you. shortly thereafter i arrived in then the first thing that i saw next to a sign that said 100 miles 29 palms easter joshua tree. you know, negative would treat? he then the album. you know, what the tree looks like? [laughter] crazy arms. i want to to go further out to something existential was driving the further out into the big empty. and also the rent got cheaper and cheaper so i was paying $275 per month on 5 acres of land on the edge of 29 palms right where the sign said and that is where the book
Sep 1, 2012 3:07am PDT
this narrative of your brother, 1, your fabulous aunt character in mexico getting frosty into mexico and running around with frita caller and your discovery of apples? >> this is astonishing, are we talking about the family past apple? >> both and the way thing danagers come together, yeah. >> kind of astonishing, again working on the idea that everything is passed down in families is it or is it not or is it coincidence. my father had a difficult relationship with his father from mexico. we knew our family had this chain of nurseries from mexico. i never understood because my father would change tg subject when his name came up. our grandfather was an orchardist at the turn of the century. >> which you hadn't even known. >> i didn't know it until i discovered this at the archive when i was trying to page through all of these things. then i discovered an obituary that had been written about our grandfather when he died when we were much to young to remember him. it was very, very long in the texas at the time. it detailed every, all the rare plants, specimen plants, horticultural, introducing th
Sep 10, 2012 7:30pm PDT
countries. my family is literally divided by the borderline. half of my family lives in mexico, and the other half is spread throughout the u.s. and canada. and my work is informed by these two traditions. i draw from u.s. and latin american literature, art, and pop culture. and in this sense, my aesthetics are aesthetics of fusion and juxtaposition. i juxtapose high and low culture, politics and art, religion and sexuality, english and español. [ speaking spanish ] [ rooster crows ] in the installation, we have eight velvet paintings representing other saintly idols. and underneath each painting, we have a small table with symbolic objects. these objects are part of our personal pop archaeology that represents the meeting of two or more cultures, like bart sanchez, the mexican cousin of bart simpson wearing a poncho. and then the wonderful iguana clay hamburger, which is a classic from 1960's tijuana tourist art. roberto and i were completely unaware of the pandora box we were about to open. [ rock music plays ] partly due to the profound spiritual and cultural crisis afflict
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
talked about drug trafficking and the movement of weapons across the u.s.-mexico border. this is about an hour. >> we are so very honored to have the president of mexico, felipe calderon. and before we get started, let me say that this meeting is on the record and it is communicated to me or a video conference. so we beg you, turn off all wireless devices, phones, but varies. not to vibrate, but off, really off. and as it is customary to preserve the maximum time for our conversation with the president, my introduction will be done diplomatically sure. you have the president's resume and papers given to you as you enter the hall. so let me simply say that president calderon, the youngest of five boys earned a bachelor's degree of law, masters degree in economics and masters degree in public administration at the johnf. kennedy school at harvard university. it became a supporter of the party for the national action party early on. becoming the president of the youth organization in the late 90s he became his president. and before the 2006 election, as president of mexico, he has served
Sep 30, 2012 1:45pm EDT
and politics." it's written by former new mexico governor, gary johnson. and he is also the libertarian party nominee for president in 2012. governor john said, when and why did you leave the republican party and become a libertarian? >> you know, i've probably been a libertarian my entire life. this is just kind of coming out of the closet. i don't think i am unlike most americans. i think there's a lot more americans in this country that declare themselves libertarians as opposed to voting libertarian. so the picture and trying to make right now is vote libertarian with me this one time. give me a shot at changing things. and if it does somewhere, you can always return to tyranny and i'm going to argue that so so we have right now. >> what are the seven principles of good government you read about? >> one as being reality-based. just find out what his wife, base your decision inactions i'm not. make sure everybody that knows -- that should know what you're doing, knows what you're doing, so communicate. don't hesitate to deliver bad news. there's always time to fix things. if you don't have
Sep 24, 2012 5:00pm EDT
to have the president of mexico, felipe calderon. and before we get started, let me say that this meeting is on the record and is being telecommunicated to new york by video conference. we thank you. turn off all wireless devices, phones, blackberries -- not to vibrate, but really off. and as is customary, preserve the map -- observe the maximum time for our conversation -- to preserve the maximum time for our conversation with the president, our introduction will be diplomatically short. you have his resume and you were given the papers as you entered the hall. let me simply say that president calderon, the youngest of five boys, earned a bachelor's degree of law, a master's degree in economics, and a master's degree in public administration at the john kennedy school at harvard university. he became a supporter of the party -- of the national action party early on, becoming the leader of the youth organization in the late 90's, he became its president. and before the 2006 election as the president of mexico, he had served in that chamber of deputies and as the secretary of energy. he wi
Sep 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
armas a mexico ... fernando pizarro nos tiene mas detalles ... ----------------- ------------------ ------------------ ---------------------------- en un reporte de 471 paginas, el departamento federal de justicia determino que no existe evidencia que el fiscal general eric holder conocia los detalles de la controver tida operacion de armas a mexico conocida como rapido y furioso. la operacion intentaba rastrear el trafico ilegal de armas desde arizona a mexico, enviando unas 2 mil armas al otro lado de la frontera. dos de esas armas fueron halladas en el sitio donde murio el agente fronterizo brian terry en arizona en diciembre del 2010. 1 analista en seguridad cree que el reporte es neutral, pero tambien que se tardo mucho tiempo en conocerse la verdad. col. eric rojo (ret), experto en seguridady entonces creo que puede estar satisfecho con el reporte. la unica duda que realmente queda es que toda la culpabilidad esta en arizona u nuevo mexico, y en washington no hay nada. aunque aclarar que el procurador holder no sabia del proyecto, por q
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. ,>>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> (♪ ♪) . >>> en el marco de un aniversario más el consulado de mexico , està en manteles largo más detalles . >>> gracias , los saludo con mucho gusto , y bueno a unas cuantas horas que se realize el aniversario hay una exhibicion , y hoy justamente se va a inaugurar , pero luego los detalles que constituye la importancia de està exhibicion de arte . >>> las peredes , lucen en su interior una peculiar exhibicion y hace alucion alas celebraciónes de mexico , en esto caso lo hiciimos un día antes , se trata de una importante exposicion , entre ellos , también de origen ,y traen el trabajo de otros artistas ,que fueron diciúpulos, que reune varias obras de arte repletas de color e imaginacion , es una coleccion bastante amplia , en exhibicion , pero además , la cultura , y presenta colores muy vivos , con muchas figuras mucha imaginacion , tratamos de tener una oferta que también , contriuye la esencia de ellos mexicanos , vale la pena no perderse està exhibicionb esto es aquí en el consulado de mexico , en san josè t estará abierta , para toda persona , al entrada es gratuita , a
Sep 8, 2012 4:00am PDT
's coming up. >>> his killing exposed operation fast and furious. now, an arrest in mexico for the death of the u.s. border agent. >>> sunny beaches and tan bodies, but it's the 29 electoral votes that have the candidates coming back for more. all morning, we are putting florida in focus. >> everyone wants to say save the planet except the humans. >> singing, song writing. we go behind the scenes with jason mraz. ♪ i'm yours ou know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. it's another reason more investors are saying... those surprising little still make you take notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the mome
FOX Business
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
and business came back to colombia. people said it couldn't be done. you did it. mexico is having trouble attracting business because they virtually have the same problem you did with the drug dealers. they don't have the marxist gur rile la war that you did but a lost businesses are afraid going to mexico because of that. can they use your methods for cleaning up their problems? >> 40 years ago our guerrillas were marxist oriented but they are looking for money from the narcotics. therefore the cases are quite similar between mexico and colombia. it is necessary to have the political determination. we won, with what i call democratic security policy. all the determine nation to arrest the criminals at the same time with democratic values. in the process to dismantling the narcoterrorist organizations we introduced three decisions. first authority. secretary general rossty but without impunity and third social cohearse shun and investment to avoid to the youngsters. liz: let me just finish by bringing it back to our relationship with the united states. we are your number one exporter rela
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
minutos, take vo ---capturan a uno de los hombres mas buscados y peligrosos de mexico take sot segment ends cu ---en mexico, la marina detuvo a uno de los 37 narcotrafican tes mas buscados del pas take vo ---ivan velasquez, uno de los principales lideres del cartel de "los zetas", fue detenido en una vivienda de la ciudad de san luis potosi ---velasquez, conocido como "el taliban", es seÑalado como el jefe de plaza para el grupo delictivo en los estados de guanajuato, coahuila, aguascaliente s y zacatecas ---el gobierno de mexico ofreca hasta 3 millones de dolares por su captura. topvo ---en peru, la polica antidrogas anunci que decomisaron mas de mil ochocientas libras de cocana en tres operativos realizados en la selva central del pas ---las autoridades interceptaron dos avionetas con matrcula boliviana y un camion que transportaba el estupefacient e ---ocho personas fueron detenidas y varias armas de fuego fueron incautadas ---segn un reporte de las naciones unidas, peru es el segundo pas productor de hoja de coca en el mundo y en 2011, el cultivo de la droga se incremento en un 5
FOX Business
Sep 15, 2012 1:00am EDT
that is a reaction i got in mexico. only to people over wrote the legislation. kids would start and people would die in the streets. none of that happened. i was reelected. [applause] john: health care for all of people? >> medicaid for the poor. i believe it would block grant 43% less money that i kid effected believe oversee the delivery with less money. that is a template for medicare for those over 65. give it to the states as laboratories and innovation. we'll have best practice and spectacular failure. washington top-down has us in this situation now. john: and the war. terrorists when. >> because of our military intervention hundred of millions of been amazed but for our intervention we would not have. [applause] military spending should go back at 2003 levels. we should provide with strong national defense not offense or nation-building. building roads and schools and highways in other countries. we have the same needs here. [applause] >> i am gary johnson. this is the united states constitution. this is not. it is the tax code. >> when this simple equal rights for all the other is extremely
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am PDT
of montana and breezy from the panhandle through new mexico and gusty easterly, upwards of 30 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine in place for a few areas will start to see a co cooldown once we get into the weekend, los angeles, you for today and tomorrow, temperatures in the 90s, upper 90s, close to the 100-degree mark. not too much in the way of clouds. i did mention the fire danger, of course, look at some of the red flag warnings across the cast indicates expire earlier on this morning. some of those through western montana go at least through the evening. be careful out there. fire danger concerns last couple of weeks on and off and certainly something to keep in mind especially after the season we've had so far. temperatures outside, 68 in l.a. 81 in phoenix and as i mentioned later on this afternoon a big warm-up in l.a. up in the 80s and 90s. once you get in the week a cooldown on the way. seattle, 79, full sunshine. thfallon, nevada. great news for travelers. so quiet across a good stretch of the west. we'll talk about what you can expect the start of the weekend. for some of us it's
Sep 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
telemundo 48 pero al volver, take vo ---en mexico, el presidente felipe calderon da su ultimo informe de gobierno y envia un fuerte mensaje a los mexicanos.. segment ends cu ---en mexico, el presidente felipe calderon present hoy su sexto y ultimo informe de gobierno donde resalt la lucha de su administracin contra el narcotrafico.. ---ahora, los ojos del pas estn puestos en enrique peÑa nieto quien en tres meses, ocupar el lugar de caldern. ---raul torres nos tiene los detalles. take pkg 0:19 0:33 0:53 1:20 1:32 muchas gracias y que viva méxico!... no hablaba, casi gritaba de emocin, no pareca el fin sino el principio del gobierno de felipe caldern... y en su ltimo informe, el tema principal fue el mismo de los 6 aÑos de su administracin , el combate al crimen organizado... hemos capturado a decenas de líderes, a cientos de lugartenientes, quizá a miles de presuntos sicarios... daniel es limpiador de zapatos... dice que aunque ms de 60 mil personas hanmuerto, apoya la lucha del presidente... dice que estuvo bien que enfrentara al crimen... el palacio nacional fue convertido en una
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
... ---hace apenas dos semanas, hailey se habia mudado con sus padres a novato desde nuevo mexico... stop for open miles de ciclistas se tomaron las calles de san miles de ciclistas se tomaron las calles de san francisco, take vo esta tarde para conmemorar el vigsimo aniversario del 'critical mass.' los ciclistas se reunieron en la plaza justim herman - a un pie de la calle market.. los mas perjudicados fueron los conductores de vehculos.. organizadores esperaraban unas 10 mil personas.. su meta es exhortar a otros a usar bicicletas como medio de transporte.. el evento ha inspirado eventos similares en otras ciudades, y hasta cambiado polticas de ciudades para exhortar a sus residentes a cambiar su carro por bicicletas. jaime ---seis personas resultaron heridas esta manana, take vo ---cuando una camioneta del ayuntamiento de oakland se vio involucrada en un choque y termino estrellandose contra un edificio sobre la calle franklin en el centro de la ciudad... ---los heridos fueron dos peatones y los ocupantes de los vehiculos involucrados.. hasta el momento no se han revelado las causas de
Sep 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of moisture from the gulf of mexico. bad and a lot of wind shear in our atmosphere will likely cause serious of severe storms. we will talk about it coming up. >> d.c. police on the lookout for a very young suspect. they say a group of young children to commence a cellphone at a mcdonald's in northeast d.c. very young. jummy olabanji has the story. >> its crazy. >> its crazy. >> what's going on in the world? >> pretty much every customer we talked to outside its northeast mcdonald's had the same sentiment about what police a happened sunday night. >> no care for life. surround 6:30 sunday evening a customer at this mcdonald's on nannie helen burroughs avenue was approached by three young boys. there was some sort of altercation and then the victim pulled out his cellphone to call police. one of the boys grabbed it and they all ran off. what is so unusual is the robber is only six or seven. >> it's terrible. a 6-year-old child? >> it may just be a cell phone, but people will live in this neighborhood tell us that someone willing to take a phone may be willing to do more like take a wallet, ca
Sep 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT esta pensando en hacerse un tatuaje, tenga cuidado con una bacteria!!!mas n el sur de mexico mas de una docena de cadaveres torturados en el interior de una camioneta... buenas tardes compaÑeros, efectivame una bacteria amenaza la salud de aquellos que esten pensando en hacerse un tatuaje permanente en su piel .. lilian mass amplia si esta pensando en hacerse un tatuaje serÁ mejor que lo piense dos veces, y es que la administraciÓn de alimentos y medicamentos esta lanzando una alerta para que podria hacer que cambie de opiniÓn . " la fda emitiÓ recienteme nte una alerta sobre el uso de la tinta de los tatuajes la cual puede causar infecciones en la piel " infecciÓn causada por una bacteria que surge en tintas contaminadas y que de no tratarse podrÍa nociva para su salud .. " si las personas no se tratan a tiempo puede tener infecciones en los pulmones, en las articulaciones en los ojos, y tener complicaciones obviamente porque la infeccio Ón puede contaminar otras partes del cuerpo" segÚn este artista las infecciones no depende de ellos sino que aquellos que fabr
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
la semana 12 de gestacion... en la ciudad de mexico, el jefe de gobierno de la ciudad marcelo ebrard, senalo que los partidos de izquierda en mexico deben formar un frente unido, incluyendo al futuro partido morena anunciado por andres manuel lopez obrador... ebrard senalo que era previsible el anuncio de lopez obrador y califico la formacion de morena como una nueva vertiente de la izquierda, no como una separacion.... el jefe de gobierno senalo la necesidad de que el prd cambie para las elecciones de 2018 y sea capaz de mostrar una capacidad politica y electoral distinta... una pausa:.pero el regresar le diremos que importante cadena de comida rapida comenzara a incluir la cantidad de calorias le gusta comer en mcdonalds, escuche esto, a partir de la prÓxima semana, los menÚs de todos sus restaurantes y drive-thrus incluirÁn la cantidad de calorÍas de cada alimento, es lo que dijo la presidenta de mcdonald's jan fields..y que esta medida es para informar mejor y ayudar a sus clientes y empleados a tomar decisiones teniendo en cuenta la nutriciÓn...este verano, mcdonald
Sep 26, 2012 1:00pm EDT
and as a result of history, mexico is a strategic ally of the united nations. we were one of the founding countries of the united nations and as a founding country, we fully share its fundamental precepts, the precepts of our great organization. for me, this will be the last time i will be attending as the president of mexico. it will be the last time i attended the general assembly of the united nations. over the past six years, my country has taken part in very different fora to pave the way for you and initiatives. we have endeavored to strengthen the u n and make it the main body for dialogue and peace and for security and for the application of international law and, in particular, international law. we know full well that today the world is facing challenges which have threatened the very existence and viability of humankind. the first challenge is the current economic crisis and the urgent need to promote global development as well as trade and growth with job creation. this is a problem which has brought crisis to entire populations and which have prevented developing nations from
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
centroamericanos y de mexico, se reunieron para realizar un brindis para conmemorar otro aniversario de indenpendencia, pero el atentado fue uno de los principales temas entre los presentes, quienes expresan su punto de vista sobre los peligros de ser un representant e diplomatico.. take sot in: 00;00;18;14 out: 00;00;37;25 consul dice: "yo creo que el tema del terrorismo esta latente, es algo que lastima a todos no es una situacion en particular contra un pais en este caso amigo y aliado como estados unidos y el resto de la comunnidad internacional reprobamos este tipo de actividades cobardes." vo ---la mayoria de los gobiernos latinoamerica nos, han lanzado una enrgica protesta por los atentados. stop for open roll open blanca ---los latinos estn entre los ms pobres en estados unidos. ---nuevas cifras del censo indican que a pesar de una mdica mejora econmica, la pobreza persiste en este pas. cesar ----y una organizacin local se apoy del reporte, para ayudar a impulsar una medida que incrementara el sueldo mnimo en san jos.... take 2 box ---jaime peluffo nos acompaÑa con los detalles
Sep 17, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in mexico. when he was five, they left everything behind and started over again in the united states. >> mitt romney loves to use that old my father was born in mexico line to try to appeal to latinos latinos and you just saw him using it today with the united states hispanic chamber of commerce. mitt doesn't talk about it quite the same way when he is speaking to his fundraising audiences which are not exactly heavily latino. here is how he talked about his mexican adventure at a fundraiser. >> my heritage my dad as you probably know was the governor of michigan and was the head of a car company. but he was born in mexico and had he been born mexican, of mexican parents, i would have a better shot at winning this. the but he was unfortunately born to americans living in mexico. he lived there for a number of years, and uh, i say that jokingly but it would be helpful to be latino. there's mitt romney wishing he could rewrite his family's mexican history and his republican audience actually found it pretty funny. they laughed at him saying it, jokingly, that it would be helpful to be
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 8:00am PDT
. president obama won the popular vote in new mexico by nearly 15% in 2008, but this time around it looks like things could be a lot closer. let's take a look at new mexico, and some of the stats that are determining this election. new mexico has five electoral votes, a relatively small number out of the 270 needed, but both candidates are fighting over them very, very hard. the unemployment rate in new mexico 6.6%. it's actually a lot better than the national average, in large part because of the energy industry at work there. gas prices $3.69 a gallon. in terms of the number of visits, each candidate, well, mitt romney has been there once, president obama not at all since april. now in large part that may be because the obama campaign has thought that they had new mexico pretty well locked up. the latest "real clear politics" polling average for that state gives the president a 10 point lead, 50 for the president to 40 over governor mitt romney, if i can bring that up in the polls. there it is. 54 the president to 40 for mitt romney. michael coleman is the washington bureau chief for the alb
Sep 16, 2012 8:30am PDT
, my... >> hinojosa: and you were in mexico or in the united states? >> we were in the united states. we had an old black and white tv, you know, the type that looks more like a piece of furniture, the integrated speakers on the side and the four little legs. >> hinojosa: that was the same one that i was sitting next to. >> big honking knob to change the channel. >> hinojosa: the antenna. >> and then we had the rabbit ear antennas, because we certainly couldn't afford ble, and we didn't have a big outside antenna. and of course, when something important came on, i was the youngest in the family, so my parents always asked me to change the channel or adjust the antenna to... >> hinojosa: "jose, (speaking spanish)." >> exactly, exactly. and, you know, we also had... we also lost what's called the horizontal synch, so you had that black bar, and you had to hit it on the side so it would stop, fix itself. that was our tv. and i remember my dad would always ask me to change the channel or adjust the tv. and i would tell my dad, i would say, "you know, dad," i said, "they have new tvs now
Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
narcotrafico que fue capturado en mexico... take sot --- nora leanos nora leanos dice: "en los deportes... andres cantor nos habla del partido mundialista de costa rica y mexico. el ambiente, la obligacion de ganar y los animos de los equipos que buscan poner pie en el hexagonal final..." deportivo... cesar ---a cargo de nora leanos ... adelante nora... take pkg ---tras la baja de pablo barrera, el volante ofensivo del santos laguna, gerardo lugo, fue llamado para suplir al cementero, en el partido eliminatorio mundialista ante costa rica el proximo viernes. lugo estubo presente ayer en el reconocimiento del santos laguna en los pinos y se incorpor hoy al equipo nacional. los que recien llegaron fueron los europeos, javier hernandez, guardado y maza rodriguez.. pero entrenaron aparte en un centro de alto rendimiento muy reducido. ---esta tarde platicamos con andres cantor via satelite sobre el proximo partido de mexico ante costa rica y aqui nos conto un poco del compromiso que esto significa para ambas selecciones.. ---esta noche le tendremos la entrevista completa con andres cantor so
Sep 20, 2012 10:00am EDT
. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair recognizes the gentleman from new mexico, mr. lujan, for five minutes. without objection. mr. lujan: mr. speaker, i rise today to celebrate a proud milestone in the history of the great state of new mexico. this year marks the centennial anniversary of the land of enchantment. while filmmakers have spent years documenting the history and beauty of new mexico, sharing the importance of stories and history of tradition and kings of power, stories and tales don't by raoux doll foe, captured by georgia o'keefe. new mexico has a long and rich heritage that's rooted in a shared history of a diverse population. a history that respects diversity and language, a land whose state constitution was drafted and adopted in both english and spanish. and while santa fe, the city of faith, holds the distinction as the oldest capital city in the country, celebrating 400 years last year, statehood came later in 1912 when a territory known for its beautiful scenery, natural wonders and pristine landscapes was admitted into the union as the 47th
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Sep 18, 2012 11:00pm PDT
was a refugee from mexico. he was on relief, welfare relief for the first years of his life. but this great country gave him opportunities. >> jon: oh. my. god. (laughter) george romney was on welfare. so according to mitt romney's own logic, mitt romney could not win the vote of his dad. (laughter) who would be one of the 47% of unconvincables. and the hits keep coming. romney continues in the video suggest the palestinians don't want peace and all we can do in the middle east is kick the can down the road and hope for the best and that, while his dad was born in mexico he, unfortunately, doesn't get the full benefit of that. >> i'd have a better shot of winning this. my dad was not born in mexico. he was living in there for a number of years. i say that jokingly. (audience reacts). >> jon: you can't do that. you can't make the joke and then immediately double down on the seriousness of the premise. "hey, jimmy's mom, what a whore. i'm kidding. but seriously, she earns her living having sex with people." (applause) that's not a way-- by the end of this tape, the only person who whose suppo
Sep 18, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of new mexico. japan's new energy and industrial technology development organization and the new mexico government are collaborating on the experiment in lohse al most. in the project 2,000 households are connected to power line networks that deliver electricity. this system can choose the cheapest available energy. this includes solar and electricity stored at night. the system can also source power from batteries even during electrical outages caused by lightning or tornados. >> translator: i hope we can work together with the united states, the leading country in this field to prove the stability of the system. >> the experiment will continue for another year-and-a-half. >>> canada's natural resources minister says his country will promote sales of liquefied natural gas to japan. joe oliver said in tokyo tuesday that canada will likely start natural gas exports to asia as early as in 2014. >> for japan they need a safe, reliable source of liquefied natural gas for decades to come. >> command for lng has been growing since the fukushima nuclear accident last year. almost all reactors
Sep 28, 2012 4:30am PDT
from new mexico. she wrote on her facebook page that she lived in new mexico all her life and didn't want to leave her friends. hailey was hit by an suv before 3:00 yesterday. the driver did stop after the collision. hailey was new here but those who have lived here for a while say this road has always made them nervous. >> they are flying on the road, no speed limits posted. there's a community here and we have a lot of kids here. >> reporter: the driver -- >> the driver of the suv is cooperative there does not appear to be signed of impairment or illegal maneuvers we are investigating. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out why this happened. residents are convinced this road needs speed bumps, maybe signs to try and make it safer. hailey was a student at the middle school that will bring in guidance counselors . amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> this morning a family wants justice for 15-year-old autistic boy beaten by an older man at the south hayward bart station. the right side of his mouth is swollen he and a friend were walking at the station at midnight in july, a
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